My name is Rakel del Pino and I have the superpower to maintain body heat during the hard winters of Helsinki. It does not sound very interesting, but when you come from a place that is almost always + 20º, it really is.


I like diversity and learning about the differences between cultures and people, always supporting the differences that unite us and not those that separate us. I believe in real equality and during my struggle to achieve it, I have studied gender equality, human rights and social and cultural anthropology.


I am a hardworking, creative and flexible person. I like to work in the company of a multidisciplinary team that provides a different vision to mine. Social, cultural and educational planning is one of my strengths. I have always been very interested in research and I have published two articles about transexuality, human rights and political establishment in Spanish magazines.


I have a lot of experience in the social area and in violence based in gender, sexuality, gender and equality. At the moment, I am doing a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies of Gender and Equality Policies. My thesis is a comparative study between Finland and Spain about violence within same-sex couples in three interrelated lines of research.   



In addition, I have published two articles about reproductive rights and transgender people and political establishment (pages 23-26) in Spanish magazines.

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